##Cleveland Yoga marking milestone with 'The Neighborhood Fitness Crawl' this weekend

###Cleveland Yoga marking milestone with 'The Neighborhood Fitness Crawl' this weekend | #MIDDAY

BEACHWOOD, Ohio -- No ales, stouts, or IPAs here. On this particular crawl, all you'll consume are sports drinks.

This, you see, is no drunken slog from one bar to another. This is "The Neighborhood Fitness Crawl," a charitable tour this coming Saturday of the many fitness studios near the corner of Richmond Road and Chagrin Boulevard.

"We've got a really cool thing going on in this little complex and we wanted to bring some attention to it," said Tami Schneider, owner of Cleveland Yoga, whose 15th anniversary and recent opening of a fifth branch was the impetus for the event.

The idea came to Schneider in the middle of the night. Instead of a typical birthday bash, she'd mark her growth from a part-time operation in an apartment building to a company of 35 instructors with an event that gets people moving in a healthy manner and involves her like-minded neighbors: CycleBar Beachwood, CrossFit Distinction, and Corus45.

All of them, meanwhile, would celebrate the coming re-christening of their enclave as a "neighborhood" and the end of work on Richmond Road, which limited access to the entire area for several months last summer.

"We're giving people who might be a little afraid a taste of what we offer," said Hillary Zashin, owner of Corus45. "We all kind of feed off one another. We all complement each other. No one's in direct competition."

The format of the crawl is simple: patrons at each location will take part in 30-minute workouts, led by experts in that particular discipline.

At CycleBar, for instance, you'll ride your heart out and compete for calories and other metrics on a stationary bike, and at Corus45, you'll come to see just how weak your core is using one of Zashin's many custom "Iron Maiden" machines. Cleveland Yoga, meanwhile, will conduct shorter versions of its popular classes.

CrossFit is the exception. Rather than ask people to drive to its location off-site and attempt to master Olympic lifting in 30 minutes, CrossFit Distinction will offer high-intensity body-weight workouts outdoors along the crawl or inside Cleveland Yoga.

"We're looking forward to introducing CrossFit to a new audience and showing people that a few minutes is plenty of time to get your butt kicked," said Scott Supler, co-owner of CrossFit Distinction and an instructor at Cleveland Yoga.

The locations are all within short walking distance, and along the way will be snacks by Noce Gourmet Pizza. At the end, patrons can linger for a quick freeze at North Coast Cryo and a party at Moxie. Proceeds will go to the Cleveland Browns Foundation.

The 15th anniversary and expansion of Cleveland Yoga may be the catalyst, but it's far from the only or even primary reason for "The Neighborhood Fitness Crawl." In addition to Schneider's success, the participating venues are also celebrating the rise of boutique fitness.

No longer, in other words, are mainstream gyms and other big-box fitness centers the only game in town. These days, many people are taking the studio route instead, picking and choosing where they want to go and what they want to do each and every day.

"Boutique fitness is so big right now," Schneider said. "People want to do a lot of different things."

Neighborhood Fitness Crawl

When: 1-5 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 13.

Where: 3355 Richmond Road, Beachwood.

Tickets: $15. Go to eventbrite.com or call 216-704-4550.

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