##The Only 5 Products Your Office Makeup Kit Really Needs

###The Only 5 Products Your Office Makeup Kit Really Needs | #MIDDAY

Raise your hand if you’ve broken a zipper on your makeup bag trying to stuff it with every last product. Raise your other hand if you’ve had to upgrade to a roomier bag to fit all of your essentials. Now, nod your head if your “makeup bag” is actually just your entire purse, because things are that out of control. We’ve all overstuffed our makeup bags for work because we didn’t have time to decide between re-curling our lashes midday and making space for a most-beloved Beauty Blender. But the truth is, there is a formula for what you need and what you can ditch from your office makeup kit.

Your work makeup stash is all about being smart and choosing more versatile products. It might seem like a hassle to put together, but you’ll save so much time if you have a separate makeup bag for home and work and don’t mix items from the two. You don’t need to carry a ridiculously chunky makeup kit to work just for basic freshening up.

With the right products, you don’t even have to skimp on skin care to save room for your foundation and lipstick. Here, we’ve put together the five — yes, just five! — magical, multipurpose products that check every box on your must-have for office makeup kit list.

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