##Cannabis NB website breaks federal advertising laws, Health Canada says

Health 19-10-2018 Health Canada 14
###Cannabis NB website breaks federal advertising laws, Health Canada says | #MIDDAY

Health Canada says aspects of the new Cannabis NB website are breaking the law by depicting people and associating cannabis with a particular lifestyle.

Thierry Bélair, press secretary for the Office of the Minister of Health, said Health Canada officials have been in touch with New Brunswick officials.

"They have advised them that some of their promotional material is not in compliance with those rules," he said in an email.

Bélair did not indicate exactly which parts of the website violate the Cannabis Act, and did not say whether there will be penalties.

The website shows photos of a group of people smiling and taking a selfie, a woman doing yoga and a man reading.

"The law clearly prohibits promotions that associate cannabis with a particular way of life such as glamour, recreation, excitement or vitality," Bélair said.

"It also prohibits promotions for cannabis that use a picture or image of any person, whether real or fictional.‎"

Cannabis NB did not immediately respond to requests for comment on Friday, but previously told CBC News it's open to changing the website, if required.

Health Canada began looking into the website on Monday before recreational cannabis legalization on Wednesday.

"We expect all participants in this new market to follow the law and Health Canada will continue to monitor the market and enforce the rules on a case by case basis," Bélair said.

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